Christian Education

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CE Director, Elder Johnny Albert, Deputy Pastor Leinamau Manrogoana & Bawi Kalontas (Youth Desk)

Christian Education is the Church's Ministry of teaching God's Message of Salvation in Jesus Christ and what God is doing today and how it affects the Individual and Community life. It is a Ministry which seeks to lead people of all ages into a life of service, liberation and development of Human Abilities - Spiritual, Mental, Physical and Social.


Education in Church

Posted on March 24th, 2014 by Administrator

The Aim of Christian Education:

“To lead people into a life of freedom through Christ and to develop Human Abilities spiritual, mental, physical and social.”

Christian Education AIM:

  • To help people of all ages to know God through Jesus Christ.
  • To help people grow in Faith and they share that faith to others.
  • To encourage Community Spirit and Community


The program of Christian Education of the Presbyterian church of Vanuatu will be carried out amongst both Rural and Urban Communities through Presbyteries and Sessions. The program will assist the total ministry of the Church through its leadership – in Pastors, Elders, Teachers, Women Leaders, Young People in Institutions and other Educational Programs within the Community. This will include advice in Education, arrangement of Training Courses where possible and provision of scholarships for training in Education Locally and Overseas. All opportunities will be taken for Cooperation with other Churches within Vanuatu Christian Council.

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