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The Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu, PCV, (formerly The Presbyterian Church of New Hebrides prior to political independence in 1980) is one of the oldest and largest Christian churches in Vanuatu, established as a Presbyterian Mission by The Presbyterian Church of Canada, under Rev John Gedde in 1800's, and becoming a self-governing church in 1948. It currently registers 65,000 active members in 6 Presbyteries throughout the country. The Church is engaged in fostering the spiritual well-being of its members, as well as the community at large, and also through its Presbyteries, Sessions, Institutions, Presbyterian Women Missionary Union, and other organs, promotes social and economic development. It also fulfllls its prophetic role of spiritual conscience and voice of the nation.
Head Office: Assembly Office
PO Box 150
Port Vila
Tel: 678-27184 | Fax: 678-23650 | Email: reception@pvc.vu

Administrator Clerk, Ps Kalsakau Urtalo


Cyclone Disaster

Posted on March 24th, 2014 by Administrator

CYCLONE LUSI - Passing through the northern islands of the country early in March it had a particularly devastating effect in Santo, with a small village on one of the churches mission fields, being buried from a landslide. 8 people (mostly mothers and children) were recovered but others are still missing and unaccounted for.
The Church is represented in the local Disaster Committee coordinating relief efforts through the National Disaster Office. The local Disaster Committee is appealing to the public for immediate relief assistance. For further information please inquire through reception@pcv.vu

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